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We are delighted that Belfast Bikes are being used to facilitate an exciting new pilot project.

Local cycling technology company,See.Sense is fitting intelligent sensor devices onto 200 of our bikes in July 2017.

This forms part of a collaborative research and development project led by Belfast City Council, and involving Queens University Belfast, Bristol University and BT.

The pilot aims to:

• help create safer cycling in Belfast by gathering anonymised sensor information about journeys taken on the bikes, including road surface condition and any collision or near misses;

• contribute to active living by potentially making cycling safer;

• identify areas where cycling is more popular to feed into possible improvements to infrastructure;

• contribute to the planning of cycle routes; and

• generally improve the cycling experience overall.

For more information please email smartcities@belfastcity.gov.uk or call Belfast City Council’s Smart Cities Team on 028 9032 0202 ext 4425.

The Belfast Bikes are about encouraging more citizens and visitors to cycle; not only does it reduce congestion and pollution, but it makes for healthier and happier citizens. Understanding the cyclists journey can help our city planners make our city safer and more attractive to cyclists.

We were part of a joint research and development project with the Department for Infrastructure, Belfast Healthy Cities, Belfast City Council, Bristol University, BT, the Police Service for Northern Ireland, and local cycling tech company, See.Sense.

The project involved placing Internet of Things (IOT) devices developed by See.Sense on to our Belfast’s Bikes. The device used advanced sensor technology to gather anonymous data via a LORAWAN network provided by BT. Given the project was a pilot and not a deployment, the devices were placed on a sample of the Belfast Bikes (75) and data gathered spanned just a few months in early 2018. This data was never joined with user data, the data gathered was purely based on what the sensor device picked up.

Phase one of the bike sensor pilot is now complete. The data gathered is being analysed by data scientists at Bristol University who will use this crowdsourced data to build a picture of the habits of the city’s public bike cyclists.

We are very excited about the prospect of real data driven insights from the short study and we will share the data driven insights with you when they are ready this Winter 2018.

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