Name: Eamonn Rodgers

Occupation: Retail

Home Location: Lisburn Road

Work Location: Belfast City Centre

What made you decide to become a Belfast Bikes member?

The main reason I decided to get a Belfast Bikes membership was because my roommates at the time told me about it and one night they decided to sign up and go for a bike ride.

I wasn’t up for it because I couldn't even ride a bike! They taught me that night and I ended up being the one out of that friendship group to use it the most.

Has Belfast Bikes changed anything about how you commute or travel around Belfast?

Cycling has become my daily commute and just how I generally travel whether it's going to work or to the gym, or the cinema. There are so many stations that I don't feel the need to ever get the bus.

How does Belfast Bikes benefit you personally?

It gets me everywhere - point A to point B daily. Other benefits include enjoying that extra sleep in the morning, a faster and more convenient way to get to the gym when the walk is too long, and generally just relieving stress! I find it very relaxing to get on my bike, attach a Bluetooth speaker and listen to a podcast while cycling around Belfast.

What’s your favourite thing about riding Belfast Bikes?

They are very comfortable, suitable for all sizes and I rarely have any issues with a bike.

Do you think Belfast Bikes is affordable?

Completely. My journey time rarely exceeds the 30min barrier, so I find myself just paying for the yearly membership. Definitely recommend.

Would you recommend Belfast Bikes to a friend or family member?

I’ve been recommending it since I signed up and as a result, numerous friends and family have now signed up too.

Anything else you want to mention about Belfast Bikes?

Not only are they good for getting me to work on time, but as you can see in the picture...they are great for getting me to the wrestling ring too! Nice warm up before I go to battle!