You can either register

• online in the Sign up section
• by calling us on 034 3357 1551
• at a Belfast Bikes terminal
• by downloading the Nextbike smartphone app for Android or iOS.

Annual members can rent up to four bikes at one time. The first half hour is still free for the first bike you rent but there’s a 50p cost per bike for the second, third and fourth bikes (up to 1 hour). After that, normal hourly rates apply for each bike. Casual members can no longer hire multiple bikes but friends or family who want to join you for a one-off cycle could opt for our pay as you go option!

Please notify customer service if your card is lost or stolen. Call 034 3357 1551 or email belfastbikes@nsl.co.uk. New cards are subject to a replacement fee.

As an individual, you are not being tracked. Intelligent sensor devices are fitted onto some of our bikes by cycling technology company, See.Sense as part of a research and development project. This forms part of a collaborative smart cities pilot led by Belfast City Council. We are simply facilitating this pilot exercise to enable the project partners to collect anonymised and aggregated sensor information in relation to the city bike journeys taken. This includes road surface monitoring as well as the identification of collisions or near-miss events. The data collected should help make improvements to Belfast infrastructure and contribute to making Belfast a safer and healthier city. All information is gathered in compliance with Data Protection Act and is being held completely separately to customer data.


Annual membership is £25 and three day membership is £6. Once you’ve registered, the first half hour of every journey you take is free.

All tariffs can be found here.

Many of our subscribers use the bikes for short journeys and pay nothing aside from their membership fee. There is also a pay as you go option available if you don’t want to commit to an annual or casual membership. You still need to register your card details before you hire a bike so that we can take payment. You will be charged £1 per 30 minutes if you select the pay as you go option.

Any extra charges are taken from your account 24 hours after the rental, or the following day.

Yes – as long as you return it to an official docking station. Annual or casual members who keep the bike for a full day you will incur charges. Based on a 9 hour rental this would be £23.50. The scheme is designed to facilitate short-term journeys so it’s more cost effective to dock the bike at another station after your journey and rent a new bike for your return journey. Non-members can rent a bike for a full day once they register their card details but will be charged at £1 per 30 minute period. Again, shorter journeys are more cost-effective.rney.

Just Eat Belfast Bikes allow you to rent a bike for no more than 24 hours. The system has been devised for short journeys and ensures that bikes are available for all to use. If you do not return your bike within 24 hours, the pre-authorised deposit of £120 is automatically debited from your credit card or bank account and Belfast Bikes will seek to recover the bike.

Yes – although different cities have different rental prices so local fees may apply.


To use the Belfast Bikes you must register first. If you are an annual and casual member, you will receive a membership number. When you want to use one of the bikes, simply use the nextbike app or log in with your membership details at the terminal and follow the on screen instructions. The meter starts running when you take the bike off the docking station. When you reach your destination, simply re-dock your bike at the nearest docking station (there are 50 all over the city) and the meter stops. If you sign up to the pay as you go option, you can simply rent a bike for as long as you need it at a cost of £1 per 30 minutes. There is no membership fee for pay as you go customers.

Find more information here.

You have a period of three minutes to release the bike from the dock. If the bike has not been removed from the dock within this period, it will automatically lock back in place.

We recommend waiting five minutes before using the same bike or another bike after your first bike has been docked. This is to make sure the first bike registers as returned on the system so that you do not incur a charge.

When renting a bike, the green LED on top of the docking pillar will flash along with a beep to let you know that it has been released for rental. When returning a bike the pillar will beep and the green LED will flash. Always give the bike a pull to check that it is locked in.

We recommend that you always return a bike to the nearest available station. The location of the nearest station can be found on the terminal or on the app. If this is not possible, lock the bike next to the station with the extra lock and confirm the return via the app or by calling the hotline.

Notify customer services (call 034 3357 1551 or email belfastbikes@nsl.co.uk) as soon as possible who can cancel rental and arrange another rental if required, we can then notify our engineers that a repair is required.

Report your accident to the police and customer services immediately. Call customer services on 034 3357 1551 or email belfastbikes@nsl.co.uk.

You can return your bike at any station 24 hours a day. However you cannot rent a bike between the hours of midnight and 6am.

We are hoping to expand the scheme depending on funding and infrastructure. We based the Belfast Bikes model on other successful bike share schemes which start in the nucleus of the city and gradually work their way outwards.

The saddles are adjustable and should be fixed to the correct height for you before you start your journey. The lever to adjust the saddle is located just under the saddle. To adjust: • release the lever by pulling it back (the saddle can now be moved up or down) • push the lever back fully to secure the saddle • check that it’s under sufficient tension (rotate the circular thumbnut to alter the tension).

Cycle helmets are not compulsory and their use is the decision of the individual cyclist.